• 20 Apr 2024
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TELEPRAC is a healthcare facility that provides clinical services through telecommunication and information technologies, such as the internet and video conferencing. With the help of TELEPRAC, Registered Medical Practitioner’s (RMP) can meet with patients to diagnose, treat, and perform follow-up care just as any traditional medical visit, but in a virtual setting. At TELEPRAC, we are aiming to enhance doctor-patient relation using modern technology for providing freedom to both and saving a lot of resources like time, travelling miles and spending on fuel. Now it’s really easy to book an appointment for the doctor of your choice, right after consultation, your doctor will order your prescription/lab test/imaging tests on your behalf and we at TELEPRAC will deliver your medicines, will collect samples for lab test from you and deliver reports to you and your doctor. Not just this, we are for the first time making a history by creating your medical history which is going to revolutionize the way you will be treated over the period of time. Patient medical history can identify the chances of probability of having lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart attacks etc. which are the main cause of serious health conditions. It is going to help your doctors to minutely assess and provide the best of medical facilities to you. We are trying our best to bring top doctors onboard and make it best doctors clinic. Some of the main features of TELEPRAC are:

Increased access to healthcare: There will be an increased access to healthcare for people living in remote or underserved areas, who may have limited access to healthcare facilities due to geographic isolation or lack of transportation.

Enhanced convenience: TELEPRAC will allow patients to access healthcare services from the comfort of their own homes or offices, which can be more convenient and less time-consuming than traveling to a healthcare facility in person.

Reduced costs: TELEPRAC will help to reduce costs for both patients and healthcare facilities associated with us. Patients may save on travel and other expenses associated with in-person visits, while healthcare providers may be able to see more patients remotely, which can help to reduce overhead costs and gain visibility as well.

Enhanced patient outcomes: TELEPRAC will improve patient outcomes by providing timely access to care and by allowing healthcare providers to monitor patients more closely.

Medical History & Transfer: We are creating your medical history; your medical history is transferrable within the physicians if needed for proper diagnosis and treatment. Patient consent is taken before transferring the records. Building patient history will help doctors to minutely assess and provide the best of medical facilities to you.

Overall, we are striving for improving access to healthcare, increasing convenience for patients, and reducing costs for both patients and physicians. Should you have any questions, please write to us at [email protected] or click here to contact us. Thank you

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